What is The Loss Foundation?

The Loss Foundation is a registered charity providing support to people who have lost loved ones to cancer; spouses, family members, friends. Our charity offers in-person support in London and Oxford in the form of bereavement support groups and other supportive social events. We also provide an array of bereavement information on our website to support those that fall out of our support group catchment area.

Talking helps. Having a space where death is not a taboo is important. And knowing that others who have experienced something similar are there to support you can be a huge relief.

Having the support available for when you need it is what’s important. And that’s where we come in.

Loss and the Need for Support
Watch this sad, beautiful and poignant video to hear some of our beneficiaries bravely talk about their loss and the benefits of accessing support from The Loss Foundation




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The Ethos of our support group sessions;

1. Sharing experiences helps

The whole point of our supportive events is to bring together people who have experienced something similar. Our events create a space for peer support where people can get advice from others in a similar position and hear how they cope. This is different to individual support, which can be very helpful  but doesn’t always allow for hearing from and sharing with others.

2. Our feelings are normal

Our events aim to let people know that their experiences, as painful as they are, are a normal part of the bereavement process. For example, it is not unusual to have trouble concentrating or to lose your appetite when grieving, and knowing that that’s normal can be a relief. Normalising our experiences can be one of the most helpful things when we feel low.

3. Bereavement does not have a set time-limit

The most well-known bereavement models are staged models, which indicate that bereavement involves moving through specific emotions in a semi-linear fashion. We have learned that this is not the case. Bereavement is a human experience and it does not necessarily just get easier every day – it is a rollercoaster in which you will be up and down at unpredictable points in time, whether that be 6 months, 2 years, or 5 years down the line. We would say that bereavement is not something that goes away, but something that changes shape over time.

4. Continuous and reliable support

Our support is there for people at all stages of grief. The continuity that our events provide allows people to get support at any point they need it, safe in the knowledge that the space will always be there.

5. Led by members

Our groups don’t have an agenda; the sessions are led by the people who come along and what they feel they need to talk about on the day. We have learned that this is much more helpful than imposing an agenda. Some of our team members will be there to help facilitate events, but it’s all about what you want and need to talk about.

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