This week in Oxford we engaged in a lot of conversation surrounding the ideas of allowing and giving permission. Allowing ourselves to let go of the “should’s, ought’s and could’s,” and giving ourselves permission to do things for ourselves. Permission to feel things other than grief, permission to move forward and permission to make decisions for “I” rather than “we”.

Moving forward both physically and emotionally was also a topic this week as we discussed difficulties surrounding moving homes. Moving home was a topic that brought up discussion of a range of emotions from sadness and fear to relief and anticipation.  Difficulties surrounding letting go of physical items and places was also contemplated. As we considered how to allow ourselves to be with our emotions when reflecting on memories connected to items and places.

Connection with others was also an area we discussed this week. We discussed fear of connecting with others and the world in case we affect others with our grief. However, we reflected upon the impact of connecting with others on our experience and how connection can evoke a range of emotions.

We were touched by the support our group member gave each other as we discussed a range of topics. Thank you all for sharing and your support of reach other.

Until next time,