The Loss Foundation is delighted to have been selected from hundreds of nominees to be shortlisted for ‘Best Bereavement Resource’ by the Good Funeral Awards 2015.  Read below to learn about bereavement, the common things people experience when grieving and how to support yourself and others.

Bereavement Information

In the aftermath of bereavement it is often difficult to know what to expect.  Our members tell us that a lack of information about what they might feel or experience when grieving adds to their difficulties.

We want our website to be a place where those suffering a loss can gain information about the psychological factors that influence the grieving process, so that they might understand their experience better and seek support if and when they need it. Here are some of the things we hear people saying when they have not had access to information;

“I thought I was going mad and losing my mind.”

“I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, I’ve never lost someone before. I would never have imagined it would be like this.”

“My life became defined by fear, anxiety, and deep sorrow, I couldn’t possibly imagine ever not feeling like this.”

These are all understandable reactions to loss and bereavement. Our website resources pages will cover common reactions after a bereavement. One of our key aims is help our people gain knowledge and understanding about grief so that it might normalise some of their experiences. If we believe what is happening to us is “normal” in the context of grief, we are less likely to feel distressed about the pain when it does happen.  If we were to feel like we were doing particularly badly or that our pain was a sign of “madness” then it is likely that we will feel even more distressed.


Below are some things that people experience as part of the bereavement process. Click for more information.

Anxiety and Panic

Nightmares and flashbacks




Phases of grief


Showing someone you care can be as simple as sending a card, checking in, or asking how someone is today. Below are a couple of links to articles on how to support someone who is bereaved;

Have a look at some Do’s and Don’t’s when supporting a grieving friend.

How to support ourselves when supporting others

After each support group an article is written covering the topics and themes discussed.  With over 100 support groups facilitated to date our website is a compendium of bereavement information searchable from our articles page. Click here to access our range of articles.

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