Losing someone you love is likely to be one of the worst times in anyone’s life: yet there is little help from the NHS, and family or friends often don’t always know how to help or what to say. We are constantly trying to evolve our services to reach more people in need and in a variety of different ways. Bereavement support is still frighteningly scarce.

Help us support more people by donating today. If you would like to sign up to give monthly donations, or to give a one-off donation, you can click on the Total Giving donation button:

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Fundraise for The Loss Foundation

We believe that everyone who has lost a loved one to cancer should be able to talk freely and openly about their experiences of grief and have the right support available. It’s people like you who will help us to achieve our mission.

With your support, we can grow our specialist bereavement services and be there for everyone who needs us.

Fundraising for us can be a way to show people who are grieving that you care. If you too have lost someone to cancer, it can be a way to engage proactively with your own sense of loss and to help others like you benefit from our valuable and healing support.
Click here to download our Fundraising Pack. And thank you for your time and support.

To give you an idea of what our money goes towards and how you can help;

£1500 allows us to set up and run a new monthly support group for one year.

£500 covers the cost to put on a workshop about bereavement for other organisations.

£260 covers the cost of a place at one of our bereavement retreats and provides a weekend of full support.

£75 covers the cost to run one support group and helps up to 12 people.

£30 a month cover homemade cakes at our support groups for up to 12 people. Cakes are part of our charitable ethos!

£10 a month allows us to greet people with welcoming hot drinks at a support group.

£5 a month helps stock our library with the most up-to-date reading material that people can read and take comfort in between support group sessions.

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