Here at the Loss Foundation we are committed to changing the way we think about death and bereavement. On the 16th June at our our huge comedy night fundraiser we launched our campaign called “I Won’t Go Quiet” aimed at encouraging the family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances of those bereaved by cancer to say something rather than nothing.

Join us in pledging! Film yourself not going quiet and make a difference. You can send your video our way via the following avenues;

Tweet it at us @LossFoundation or #IWontGoQuiet

Post it on our Facebook page: facebook.com/thelossfoundation

Add it to our website by emailing it to erin@thelossfoundation.org

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We know how hard it can be to know the “right” thing to say when someone you know has lost a loved one. The fear of saying something “wrong” and upsetting the person often causes many of us to avoid the subject, or even the grieving person altogether.

Feeling ill equipped to deal with sadness is a normal fear but avoiding the subject can leave your friend feeling isolated and alone in their grief, which ultimately makes their bereavement more difficult.

Bereavement is unique to every individual and every relationship but our members often tell us that they do want to talk about it or at least know that they can.

Showing someone you care can be as simple as sending a card, checking in, or asking how someone is today. Have a look at some Do’s and Don’t’s when supporting a grieving friend.

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