Sympathy Cards

Awkward Sympathy Card
Here’s something to say when you don’t know what to say.
Available Qty: 5
Died of Lemons Card
It’s crazy how often people say the most unhelpful things possible when you are having a hard time. Buy this card and show a friend you understand.
Available Qty: 7
Everything Happens Card
Giving someone this card lets them know you’re in their corner. And that will mean a lot.
Available Qty: 9
Five Stages Empathy Card
Five stages of grief? More like five thousand. Show someone you understand that’s the case and that you’re there for them.
Available Qty: 10
God's Plan Empathy Card
This card is aimed at those who find the phrase “This is God’s plan” extremely unhelpful when they’re going through a tough time.
Available Qty: 16
No Good Card
Sometimes there is no response that can make someone feel better, and it’s ok to acknowledge that.
Available Qty: 7
Take Away Pain Card
It is so sad and painful when pets pass away, but at the same time comparing losses can be very unhelpful… Let people know you understand.
Available Qty: 5
What Doesn't Kill Card
It might not kill us but it hurts A LOT, so lets get rid of this phrase and make a friend smile in the meantime.
Available Qty: 5
Not a Burden Card
People often feel they are a burden when sharing their woes with someone else. Let them know that is not the case.
Available Qty: 5




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