20 Years – Single raising money for The Loss Foundation

We’re pleased to announce that Paul Fisk is supporting The Loss Foundation with the release of his single ’20 Years’.

Here’s Paul’s story:

“My name is Paul Fisk. I’m a rapper and Spoken Word artist based in South London. I also run an event called Mind Over Matter where we discuss mental health through Spoken Word and Hip Hop to do our part to widen the conversation around mental health.

Valentines Day 2018 will be 20 years ago to the day my Mother lost her battle to cancer. Since then, nine family members and friends have also passed away.

Growing up in the nineties, there wasn’t much available in the way of bereavement support. I felt let down by the services I did try to talk to and it got to the point where I just gave up and turned to alcohol and drugs to numb myself so I didn’t have to feel the sadness anymore.

I’m releasing a song on Valentines Day 2018 called ’20 Years’ which is about letting go of all the grief and saying the things I never said back when I was sixteen.

Here’s a link to the song: 20 Years

You can also hear and purchase the song here

If you don’t have iTunes you can find it on Amazon here

All the proceeds from sales / radio airplay / live performance revenue will be donated to The Loss Foundation via Total Giving as and when the money comes in.

The work they do is so important. If there had been an orgainsation like this when I was growing up, things might have been different.

I founded Mind Over Matter after becoming sober on 26th June last year. It’s an independent project which aims to break down stigma attached to mental health by discussing it through Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop. We host spirited, powerful events showcasing the best of up and coming talent as well as established artists from the worlds of Spoken Word and Hip Hop, for us to come together and discuss the difficult realities of mental health.

At every event we bring in a mental health organisation to talk about the work they do and to raise funds for them.

We will be holding an event with The Loss Foundation as the promoted organisation in the near future!”