All At Sea – by Decca Aitkenhead


“All at Sea” is a memoir written by Decca Aitkenhead, a British journalist. The book was published in 2016 and is a personal and moving account of love, loss, and grief. The story centres around a tragic event that occurred during a family holiday in Jamaica.

In the memoir, Decca Aitkenhead recounts the day when her partner, Tony, drowned while trying to rescue their son from a strong current in the sea. The incident took place in 2014 when they were on vacation, and it resulted in the untimely and shocking death of Tony.

Aitkenhead reflects on the immediate aftermath of the accident, the emotional turmoil she experienced, and her struggle to come to terms with the sudden loss of her partner. She delves into the complexities of grief, the challenges of being a single parent to their young son, and the journey of rebuilding her life after such a devastating event.

The memoir is praised for its candidness, raw emotions, and poignant exploration of loss and healing. It offers a glimpse into the resilience of the human spirit and the strength required to navigate through life’s most challenging moments.


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