At the Loss Foundation, we know how lonely it can be when you have lost a loved one. Experience tells us it can be immensely helpful to talk to someone who “gets it”. At this stage we are connecting people who have lost a loved one to cancer or coronavirus.


What is Connect? ​
The concept of Connect is similar to a Buddy System, or Peer-to-Peer support.   Participants who have experienced a similar loss are matched one-to-one, sent an email for their match, and invited to contact each other for chats and mutual support at a time and place that suits you both.  We support you with useful guidance on how to start having comfortable and helpful conversations, and check-in with you to see how you are doing.  Participation is free and voluntary.  ​

How will Connect benefit me? ​
Connect aims to offer people who are grieving the opportunity to talk with someone who ‘gets it’.  Having a similar loss in common can help you both feel freer to talk, compare stories and share openly with each other.  This can be valuable towards understanding what you are going through.   We hope that by supporting each other, Connect peers feel less alone and isolated.​

Who can take part in Connect? ​
You can take part if you have lost a loved one to cancer or Covid-19, are aged over 18 years, resident in the UK, and are able to give us some information about yourself to be used in matching.  We warmly welcome participants from all backgrounds and at any time since their loss who feel ready to have mutually supportive conversations.  ​

Please note Connect is not a counselling, advice or therapeutic service, and may not be suitable for everyone.  We ask questions about your grief to make sure it is safe for you to take part, and may offer information on how to get more appropriate support if appropriate.  If you have taken part in a previous Connect, you are of course very welcome to rejoin.  You will find that we ask a few more questions this time: This is to try and make matches more meaningful.​


How are Connect peers matched? ​
We try to match based on loss circumstances and experiences as much as possible.  Type of loss, time since loss, your experience of grief and your relationship with your lost loved one are important considerations.  We ask participants to tell us about themselves so we can get an idea of who we are supporting, and who might make a good match.  Matching depends on who has registered and what information they have voluntarily given us, so unfortunately it is not always possible to match closely on all criteria. ​

How do I take part?  ​
Registration is via the Connect online survey available through the link at the bottom of the page.  We’ll need your name, email, and some information to help give us an idea of who we are matching and supporting.  We’d like to hear about yourself, your loss and your relationship with your loved one.  Some questions will ask about your thoughts and how you are feeling – we use this to help us keep the service safe for people taking part.  Providing information is voluntary and you do not have to answer any questions you do not wish to. ​


The feedback for our Connect service has been really positive. And we have heard that some people have had the opportunity to build new and meaningful friendships.


“It was so cathartic to speak to a person experiencing very similar grief to mine.”   Connect participant


“The most helpful was having someone to talk to who was the same age  and had a similar family background. For example we both have grandchildren.” Connect Participant


 I’m interested, sign me up! ​
We are really glad to be able to support you, please go to the registration survey by clicking below.



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