Healing After Loss – Book Review and Recommendation

Many thanks to Julie, one of our members, for providing a review of a book she found helpful during her grieving – Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief. By Martha Whitmore Hickman.

Firstly, many thanks to The Loss Foundation, for many wonderful books to read, relating to the Grieving Process, Bereavement and so much more.

Whether you enjoy reading, or are finding it too difficult to concentrate, or, are simply, not interested; to read this book would be a kindness for you.

I found it to be a soothing balm to the soul, comforting and nurturing, at a time when I was experiencing sorrow and anguish. Contained within the pages of this precious book, I found focus, wisdom and hope. I came to understand how loss affects our lives and, how, things will never be the same again, but different.

A sensitive read, a thought for everyday, to reflect upon. It introduces a tender and compassionate spirituality, that is suitable for all.

Beautifully presented, simply encourages hope and inspiration, and hopefully, you will find a ‘gem’ of knowledge that resonates with you.

You can find more about purchasing the book here.

There is always a time to reflect.