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Share your story and celebrate your loved one

Let’s empower more individuals to discuss the intricate emotions of grief and the journey after losing a loved one to cancer. Fundraising on our behalf is the ideal chance to demonstrate that a person’s story lives on beyond death.

Transforming overwhelming feelings into positive actions can be profoundly healing. Our fundraising ideas, honouring the cherished memories of our loved ones, offer a pathway to process grief and rediscover joy in the things we hold dear.


^^^ created by Shelley, our Fundraising Officer, who took part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride in memory of her former college principal and friend.

Our Sponsored Events

Take Part in London to Brighton 2024

Team TLF and our supporters took on the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton bike ride in 2023, and next year, we’ll be doing it all over again! Want to join us in 2024? Register your interest here…


Charity Walks – Dedicated to the Ones We Love

Join us as we walk and honour our loved ones. Our next sponsored walk will take place on Saturday 16th September 2023, when we will be undertaking a 6-7 mile walk from Hampton Court Station to Richmond.


15 Fundraising Ideas in Memory of Your Loved One 

1. Memorial Walk

Organise a peaceful memorial walk in a serene location, inviting close friends and family to participate and contribute to the fundraiser.

2. Memory Art Project

Create a personal art project, such as a scrapbook or collage, filled with cherished memories of your loved one. Offer copies to donors as a token of appreciation for their donation.

3. Bake Sale with a Personal Touch

Host a small-scale bake sale featuring your loved one’s favourite recipes. Share stories about their love for baking and encourage attendees to donate in remembrance.

4. Social Media Campaign

Launch a social media campaign, sharing touching anecdotes and photos of your loved one to engage friends and followers in the cause.

5. Personal Virtual Event

Host a virtual event, like a poetry reading or storytelling session, where you can share memories and receive donations from those attending.

6. Handwritten Tribute Letters

Write personalised tribute letters to friends and family, sharing your feelings and asking for their support in the fundraiser.

7. Memory Keepsake Sale

Create and sell personalised keepsakes, like candles or keychains engraved with your loved one’s name, with proceeds going to the cause.

8. Virtual Book Club

Organise a virtual book club where participants read and discuss your loved one’s favourite books. Suggest a small donation for joining the club.

9. Memory Crafts Workshop

Host a crafting workshop where participants can create memory boxes or other crafts inspired by your loved one’s interests.

10. Virtual Tea Party

Host a virtual tea party and invite friends and family to join in while making donations. Share stories and memories during the event.

11. Personal Recipe Book

Create a recipe book featuring your loved one’s cherished recipes and sell copies to raise funds for the cause.

12. Candlelight Vigil

Arrange a candlelight vigil in a tranquil setting, giving people the opportunity to remember and honour your loved one while supporting the fundraiser.

13. Virtual Movie Night

Host a virtual movie night, screening your loved one’s favourite film, and ask attendees to contribute with a suggested donation.

14. Memory Photography Exhibition

Curate a photography exhibition showcasing images that capture special moments with your loved one. Ask for donations from attendees.

15. Online Craft Sale

Set up an online shop featuring crafts or artwork made by you in memory of your loved one, with proceeds going to the fundraiser.

How to Collect Money

Online Donations – Via JustGiving

Visit: – click ‘Fundraise for Us’, and follow the instructions to create a JustGiving account and fundraising page.

Cash/Cheque Donations

If you fundraise online the money you raise will go straight to us, but we are still happy to receive money the old-fashioned way too. If you’re collecting cash donations, we ask you not to send cash directly but to write us out a cheque payable to ‘The Loss Foundation’, or have the Post Office convert your raised money into a postal order. You can email us for our postal address at

A Few Tips

Tip #1 – Take Care of Yourself

We believe celebrating memories of happy times can be healing and positive, but grief is complex and can be unpredictable. Ask for support as you plan and carry out your event, stay safe, involve other people and give yourself plenty of time.


Tip #2 – Spread the Word

Blog or share links to your online donation page via your social networks. It’s always worth letting the local press know too.

Tell people why you’re fundraising, what we do, and why your event is significant to you. It will all help to motivate others to donate and support you.

Your email, Whatsapp message or social post might read a little like this…

“On DATE I will be DESCRIPTION OF CHALLENGE/EVENT in memory of YOUR LOVED ONE’S NAME. I’ll be raising funds for The Loss Foundation – a charity which supports people who’ve lost their loved ones to cancer. Here’s a link to my JustGiving page. Every £10 I raise will enable someone to attend a support group, where people in grief gather to share their loss”

Tip #3 – Shout About Your Progress

If you’re using JustGiving for donations for a sporting challenge, you can connect your page to your Strava account (fundraisers who track their activity on a fitness app and share the updates raise up to 40% more! [source: JustGiving]).

Tip #4 – Don’t Forget Gift Aid

Any UK taxpayer who donates or sponsors you can opt-in to Gift Aid, which means the taxman pays us an additional 25%. Remind your supporters to tick the Gift Aid box and provide their full name and address to allow their donation to stretch that bit further.

We’re Here to Help 

We want raising money for us to be something positive and rewarding. If you require any further support or additional materials, email us at

Finally, I would like to wish you good luck with your fundraising activities. Without you we’d struggle to be there for people when it matters most. 


With thanks and best wishes, 

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