Our response to Coronavirus


Dear Friends,

What a turn life has taken, and in a very short amount of time.


We know that life may be challenging in the coming months, and we also know that a lot of you were finding it challenging enough already.


We have had to cancel all of our in-person support services for the foreseeable future. However, our support will very much continue. Our response to the COVID-19 outbreak is as follows:


  • We have shifted all of our support groups online. They will run in much the same way as they do in person with facilitation by our brilliant volunteers. To ensure that the groups run as well as possible online, people will be invited to register to join the session and we will be limiting the number of people able to join the session. However, we will increase the numbers of groups we run if the demand is there.


  • We are offering bereavement support specifically to people who lose loved ones to coronavirus. This is the first time in our nearly 10-year history that we have opened up our remit to support those bereaved by something other than cancer, but we are aware the support will be needed now more than ever.


  • We are opening up our telephone line to support people who are feeling lonely in their grief and want someone to talk to.



  • We will be hosting our annual comedy night online! Pencil Friday 22nd May in your diary, and let us bring comedy to you at home. Creating a sense of community and joy will be needed more now than ever as out opportunities to leave home are limited. More details can be found here: Comedy Night.


As it happens we were making plans to set up more bereavement support online, and now we have been forced to do things a little bit quicker. That might mean that you need to bear with us whilst we learn how to make this work as well as possible, but please rest assured that support WILL continue for you.


Get in touch with us via the Contact page if you have any questions or worries. We are here for you.


With love,

Erin and The Loss Foundation Team, x