Today it is me that writes…

Everywhere I turn, it touches me, someone I love, someone I have just met, someone I have supported, and undoubtedly every second person I walk past in the street. Cancer.

Today my good friend’s aunt is taken from our world and into the next. She steps into a world we could never know of in ours, but one we can dream about and have hopes for.

My dear friend has been touched by cancer too many times in his life. Enough is enough. Haven’t we all had enough? What more can we do? Beyond donating, exploring, researching, and questioning, where are we supposed to continue dredging up hope from?

Even the most positive of people on our planet must find it hard to stay upbeat when faced with the statistics and seeing those around us fighting and grieving. I know I do.

It’s all just a statistic… until it’s personal.

And unfortunately hope isn’t enough. Money is needed too.

Money absolutely needs to go to the wonderful organisations in our country that work towards researching cancer and creating medicines and cures for those with it. Cancer Research I salute you. And I believe in you. I hope cancer is not a worry that my children’s children have to bear in the same way that we do now.

So what’s my point? It’s a simple one. Every single one of us will be touched by cancer in our lifetime, either in our own body or that of someone we love dearly. It is now an inevitability. This is no longer a statistic we can escape. So if we know the facts, what is stopping us from donating at least £1 a month to an organisation that is creating a better life for those with cancer and/or supporting those who have lost their loved ones to it?

£12 a year.

Can you afford £12 a year to support someone you love?

Yes. Yes you can.

I need to have hope. I take it from anything I can. From the positive outcome stories I hear from those we support at The Loss Foundation when a loved one has died of cancer, from the faith my late father had in cancer being cured in my lifetime, from the beautiful moments I share with family and friends, from acts of kindness I see… I have to feel hopeful.

Can you donate £12 a month to The Loss Foundation to support those left behind? Please consider supporting someone in their darkest most isolating moments so we can give them hope too.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Erin Hope Thompson

Dreamer and realist



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