About us

The Loss Foundation is a port in a storm and I am so thankful to have discovered it. I have been literally mad with grief and from everything that has happened since my loss. Having access to this support has helped greatly.”


The Loss Foundation is a UK national cancer bereavement charity. We are dedicated to providing bereavement support to adults who have had a loved one die from cancer.

We provide a variety of support events to help people at any point during their loss to cancer, providing them with the chance to connect with others who share similar experiences.

Our charity offers a variety of free grief support events, in-person and online. We also provide a wealth of informational resources on our website to help individuals navigate the complexities of grief and self-care in times of loss.

All our services are tailored to address the expressed needs of our users. This includes various support events such as peer support groups, themed support groups, therapy sessions, a grief buddy service, workshops, social gatherings, weekend retreats, and more.

Grief can be an isolating experience, and the power of conversation is invaluable. We believe in creating spaces where discussions around death are not taboo and providing a supportive community of individuals who have faced similar challenges.

Discover the profound impact of our support through the heartfelt testimonials of beneficiaries in the touching video below.