About Us

The Loss Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated solely to providing bereavement support following the loss of a loved one to cancer, whether that be spouses, family members, friends or colleagues.

We provide a variety of support events to help people at any point during their loss, and create the opportunity for them to meet others who have experienced something similar. We also educate and empower others to support those who are grieving via our workshops and training.

What we do

Our charity offers in-person support in London in the form of bereavement support groups and other supportive social events. We also provide an array of bereavement information on our website to support those that fall out of our support group catchment area.

All of our services were created in response to the need that our users have spoken about. As a result we run a variety of different supportive events, from our general cancer bereavement support groups, to our themed support groups to our social events, weekend retreats, and more. You can learn about all we do on ourĀ Get Support page.

Loss and the need for support

Talking helps. Having a space where death is not a taboo is important. And knowing that others who have experienced something similar are there to support you can be a huge relief.

Watch this beautiful and poignant video to hear some of our beneficiaries bravely talking about their loss and the benefits of accessing support from The Loss Foundation.



We have compiled a list of questions and answers to provide all the information you will need about our services. If you have any unanswered questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.

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Meet the Team

Our team is made up up to 35 volunteers; a mixture of our Board members, our office staff and our support event facilitators. We call our team members Warriors of Compassion, and each of them are on-board to help support people who are grieving. Click below to find out more about the people working on the front-line and behind the scenes.

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Next Events

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