Aiming for Normality

Many people just attempt to maintain a “normal life” following the death of a loved one.

This can range from returning to work, visiting family members, spending time with friends, and even just leaving the house for a walk. Whether it is six months or six years since your loved one passed away it can make every day feel more challenging at times.

Introducing small changes will help you learn about the things that work for you personally and make you feel even a little better. Does going for a walk help reduce intrusive thoughts? Does seeing friends help you feel supported? If the answer is ‘Yes’ – great. If the answer is ‘No’ – that’s ok; knowing what does not help at the moment is a strength. If the answer is ‘I’ve not tried’ – now is a good time to try out something new.

If attending a bereavement support group meeting is something you are considering but not tried yet, give it a try. The benefits of support and understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss should not be underestimated.

Even with support around us, the ways in which family, friends or even colleagues respond to us, can impact on how we feel. People do not always make us feel supported in the way that we would like and so it is very important to find a way to express to others what kind of support you need in that moment. Again, knowing what you need is a strength.

Our support events are there for you to make use of as you need. We are always here for you. You can find information on our upcoming support events on our calendar.

With best wishes
Francine Bear