How do I approach bereavement?

Each of us have different approaches towards bereavement and grief – we all have different views and different needs when dealing with loss.

Some people gravitate to being around family and friends, whereas other might want to be around people who have experienced something similar, which could lead them to support groups such as ours. Some might want one-to-one support with a counsellor, whereas others may feel more comfortable seeking help anonymously via the internet. There are benefits to all types of support – it’s just a case of knowing which one suits you and your needs at a given point in time.

Attending support groups or events can be anxiety provoking because you may not know what to expect or what is expected of you, or whether you will get on with the people there. However, group support can be hugely beneficial as it allows you to network and share with others in a very personal way. Our groups are informal – there are no expectations of anyone, other than to respect others’ views and emotions. And in our experience – attendees become friends, with us and one another. Networking with others and making new friends is a real bonus when you are going through a rough time.

Internet forum support is also excellent because you can share and network at all times of the day. We can recommend two great internet forums for bereavement support;

Bereaved spouses and partners forum

Bereaved family and friends

At The Loss Foundation we are always humbled to see that our group members are able to support each other despite varying approaches and views. The Loss Foundation aims to represent a space for people to share their thoughts and explore their needs.

If you’re not sure what type of support will be helpful, it may be worth trying a few different things out to see what feels comfortable and beneficial.

We are always happy to meet new people so please do pass on our details to anyone who may benefit from our support. You can find information on our next opportunities to share together on our calendar.

Warm wishes
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