Needing a space

We often start our bereavement support group sessions by asking if anybody wants to share anything in particular; how they have been, what they are finding difficult, a story of their loved one, etc.

This often sparks interesting discussions; often people share that they cannot put into words why they come to the groups.  It is not necessarily because they want to talk about something in particular – it is simply to be in “this space”.

This is exactly what our bereavement support group sessions are for; to provide a space for you to be where you can share if you want to do so, but there’s no obligation to talk. You may just want to be in a space where it’s ok to feel awful, where no masks are needed, where all emotions are welcome, where people will understand.

We are committed to providing a space in each of our group sessions where it is ok for you to grieve, to be sad, to talk, to question, to cry, to debate, to be supported, to support others, to laugh at funny memories and stories…. The list is endless.

None of our sessions come with a fixed agenda – we respond to how you feel on the day. One cannot predict how they will feel at any point in time when they have been bereaved. We compared this to a pebble flowing down a stream; at different points the pebble will experience different currents, come across different barriers, and at other times flow calmly down the stream – each point is unpredictable and all we can do is respond to how we feel as we feel it.

We are always thankful to our members for coming along and sharing with us. We look forward to being in “the space” with you again. You can find information on our next opportunities to share together on our calendar.

See you soon.

Warm wishes
Founder of The Loss Foundation

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash

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