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In response to the current Covid-19 crisis, we are transforming  our services  to address our community’s needs today:


  • We are expanding the remit of our trainings to supporting Loss by Covid-19, drawing on our decade-long experience in supporting communities and companies experiencing Loss by Cancer.


  • We are working hard behind the scenes to expand on our online trainings to introduce quicker the resilience trainings we had in the pipeline.

The Loss Foundation is here to help!


Learning to talk about grief with our colleagues, friends and family is sadly all the more important in the current circumstances. At the Loss Foundation we are committed to changing the way society thinks about death and bereavement. We know how hard it can be to know the “right” thing to say when someone is bereaved. The fear of saying something “wrong” and upsetting the person often causes many of us to avoid the subject, or even the grieving person altogether.


Learning to better support and engage with people who are grieving at work will:

  • maintain staff morale
  • help create of sense of community
  • help their return to productivity in the new normal
  • make your staff members feel valued


We are offering a package of expert guidance for companies and mental healh practioners to learn from so they can handle delicate situations with the highest standard of care in the workplace. The package of resources is designed to be shared with your managers and staff to ensure that they feel supported during their grief.

All of the content is developed by Clinical Psychologists who specialise in bereavement support and involves sharing psychological models of grief so that you can better understand your employees’ experiences and difficulties.

All support is based on the feedback and needs evidenced by the wider public. We’ve been at the front line and we’re here to share what we’ve learned!

As part of our corporate scheme you will receive beautiful, compassionate leaflets for your staff on how to cope with grief, as well as practical guides for managers supporting grieving employees. All of our materials provide accessible summaries of the latest guidance and research around grief support.

Bereavement support training –  CPD CERTIFIED – NOW ONLINE


People who do not receive adequate grief support are more likely to develop debilitating mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.

Grief can be complex to approach as a therapist. At The Loss Foundation we offer tailored trainings facilitated by HCPC- registered clinical pychologists using an evidence-based approach rooted in our 10 years experience running cancer bereavement support  groups in the community.

We provide a clear and structured  path to building resilience to grief and share our experience on how to run grief support groups.


Online Cancer Loss support workshop: working therapeutically with grief
  • Full day training for mental health practitioners
  • From 10am to 3pm
  • 25 attendees maximum
  • CPD-certified
  • £155
During our full day training workshop, you will:
  • Learn about the pychological models of grief
  • Learn how to feel comfortable introducing and talking abour death and loss
  • Explore the reasons why people may resist talking about  grief and loss
  • Learn how to help them overcome their fears
  • Explore a case study
  • Learn how to run and manage a support group
  • Learn about the specifics of cancer bereavement


Online Cancer Loss support workshop for companies
  • For companies and their teams
  • Half day training
  • From 10am to 12.30pm
  • 25 attendees maximum
  • £99


Covid-19 Loss support online workshop
  • For companies and their teams
  • 90 mins
  • 25 attendees maximum
  • £49


Isolation & Resilience workshop (coming soon)
  • For companies and their teams
  • 90 mins
  • 16 attendees maximum
  • £49


Covid-19 Loss support recorded webinar for companies (coming soon)
  • For companies and their teams
  • 60 mins
  • £35


In-person Cancer Loss support workshop
  • Cancelled until further notice due to the Covid-19 outbreak
  • Full day training for mental health practitioners
  • From 10am to 4pm
  • 16 attendees maximum
  • CPD-certified
  • Standard rate: £245
  • Early Bird rate (4 weeks in advance): £225
  • Concession rate: £155

We are taking registrations of interest here for the next Cancer bereavement training in person (to be scheduled)

We are fully CPD-accredited!

We are pleased to announce that The Loss Foundation is now a full member of the CPD Certification service.

56 % of employees would consider leaving their job if their employer did not provide “appropriate support” in the event of a bereavement.*


Every four minutes someone in the UK dies from cancer. Taking all types of losses into account, 20% of people in the workplace are bereaved. So, every two in ten people you interact with at work today are grieving. Grief is normal human experience, but up to 25% of people grieving may experience prolonged and distressing symptoms that affect their productivity and require more support. Support goes beyond providing the legal requirements for compassionate leave.
*source: Comres

Effect of Bereavement in the Workplace

Research has consistently shown that lack of support in the workplace when grieving can have many negative effects for companies. Productivity can be lowered following a loss, with difficulties in concentration and judgment, stress, depression, lack of motivation and substance abuse.Lack of concern, compassion and support can have drastic effects for the employee, employers and wider organisation. This can include absenteeism, errors and even financial consequences.

Our charity’s work has shown that having a proactive approach to managing grief in the workplace benefits the bereaved employees, those managing them and others in the team.

Quotes from companies

“The information regarding differing responses for differing states of grief and how everyone grieves in an individual way was extremely useful.”

“The most helpful part of the workshop was learning the immediate things to consider when speaking with an employee who has had a bereavement.”

“Erin and Kirsten were brilliant presenters!”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and it would be useful for manager level employees.”

Next Events

14/04 April 14 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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