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At the Loss Foundation we are committed to changing the way society thinks about death and bereavement. We know how hard it can be to know the “right” thing to say when someone is bereaved. The fear of saying something “wrong” and upsetting the person often causes many of us to avoid the subject, or even the grieving person altogether.

We provide a range of training opportunities that range from helping people get more comfortable in supporting themselves and others in loss, to upskilling mental health professionals in delivering therapeutic interventions for those who are grieving.

All of the content is developed by Clinical Psychologists who specialise in bereavement support and involves sharing evidence-based psychological models of grief. All support is based on the feedback and needs evidenced by the wider public. We’ve been at the front line and we’re here to share what we’ve learned.

We offer expert guidance on bereavement support for mental health practitioners, companies, individuals and healthcare staff on how to handle delicate situations with the highest standard of care for use in the workplace, with patients or service users, and personally.

How the The Loss Foundation can help

We offers 4 different content options depending on your training needs.


1. Live webinars are scheduled regularly on a variety of bereavement-related subjects and include a Q&A with a qualified clinical psychologist who will deliver all content.

2. Interactive workshops provide an in-depth experience and safe space to discuss confidential cases you may have and include practical case studies. These events are led by Dr Erin Thompson, Clinical Psychologist and Founder/Director of The Loss Foundation.

3. CPD recordings. This option allows you the flexibility to access The Loss Foundation’s expert knowledge in pre-recorded sessions whenever your schedule permits. Certificates are sent on request.

4. Personalised trainings are tailored to the need of your organisation be it a charity, a small business or a corporation, drawing on the expertise of The Loss Foundation in the field of bereavement.

1. Live webinars

We are continuously adding new webinars to our repertoire in response to requests that we receive. Here are some of the webinars we are currently delivering:

  • How to run and manage a support group
  • Providing Covid-19 loss support
  • Working with traumatic memories in grief
  • Psychological models of Grief
  • Coping with isolation and growing resilience
Prices start from £39 per person. Click below to find out more and to book your ticket at one of our upcoming webinars:



2. Interactive workshops

We run full-day interactive workshops on supporting people in grief using a variety of different methods and approaches. These are aimed at therapists and mental health practitioners who provide therapy or interventions with those who are grieving. Here are some of the webinars we are currently delivering:

  • Working Therapeutically with Grief 
  • Embracing Compassion Focused Therapy in Grief
  • An approach to grief work using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Prices start from £99 per person for a full day workshop. Click below to find out more and to book your ticket at one of our upcoming webinars:


3. CPD recordings

We have some pre-recorded sessions you can access, enabling you to take part in our training sessions at your own convenience. Current pre-recorded sessions that are available to purchase now include:

  • Psychological models of grief
  • How to run and manage a support group
Prices start from £35 per person. Click below to find out more and to buy your ticket now:


4. Personalised trainings


The Loss Foundation creates content relevant to the specific needs of your organisation, be it a charity, a small business or a corporation, drawing on our expertise in the community in the field of bereavement.

We provide half day and full day workshops with all the ingredients you need, but we can also provide shorter workshops of 2-hours.

Our most popular bookings include;

  • Bereavement Support Training (training staff in providing bereavement support)
  • Grief Support: Learning how to look after ourselves and our colleagues in response to loss (well suited if there has been a bereavement in the workplace)

The sessions are fully customised to your team’s needs, and we will be sure to include specific training points that you would like to be covered. All of our training is provided by Clinical Psychologists who specialise in working with bereavement. We can also provide 1-2-1 bereavement support sessions where needed within your organisation.

Please contact us for bespoke training costs.

Costs to be defined based on your requirements. Email us at for further information.


Quotes from companies

“The information regarding differing responses for differing states of grief and how everyone grieves in an individual way was extremely useful.”

“The most helpful part of the workshop was learning the immediate things to consider when speaking with an employee who has had a bereavement.”

“I learned a huge amount in a short workshop and found myself immediately being a bit kinder to myself and those around me”


Effect of Bereavement in the Workplace


56 % of employees would consider leaving their job if their employer did not provide “appropriate support” in the event of a bereavement.*


Grief is normal human experience, but up to 25% of people grieving may experience prolonged and distressing symptoms that affect their productivity and require more support. Support goes beyond providing the legal requirements for compassionate leave.

Research has consistently shown that lack of support in the workplace when grieving can have many negative effects for companies. Productivity can be lowered following a loss, with difficulties in concentration and judgment, stress, depression, lack of motivation and substance abuse.Lack of concern, compassion and support can have drastic effects for the employee, employers and wider organisation. This can include absenteeism, errors and even financial consequences.

Our charity’s work has shown that having a proactive approach to managing grief in the workplace benefits the bereaved employees, those managing them and others in the team.

We are fully CPD-accredited

We are pleased to announce that The Loss Foundation is a full member of the CPD Certification service.

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